Sixteen mixtures of methane (CH4) in dry air were prepared using a gravimetric technique to define a CH4 standard gas scale covering the nominal range 300–2600 nmol mol-1. It is designed to be suitable for measurements of methane in air ranging from those extracted from glacial ice to contemporary background atmospheric conditions. All standards were prepared in passivated, 5.9 L high-pressure aluminum cylinders. Methane dry air mole fractions were determined by gas chromatography with flame ionization detection, where the repeatability of the measurement is typically better than 0.1% (≤1.5 nmol mol-1) for ambient CH4 levels. Once a correction was made for 5 nmol mol-1 CH4 in the diluent air, the scale was used to verify the linearity of our analytical system over the nominal range 300–2600 nmol mol-1.