Mobile Rack (SFC) in Sweden

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(SFC) Mobile surface station at Åre, SWEDEN

Station Information

Category: Tundra, located near the top of the Swedish peak "Åreskutan"
Site Access: aerial tramway from the valley below
Latitude: 63 N
Longitude: 13 E
Elevation (m): 1250
Time offsets: Current local time (CEST) = +2 GMT
Current local time (CEST) = +8 MDT
Collaborating Institutes: Department of Meteorology, Stockholm University
Status: Short-term field campaign, July 2003
Site Info: Contacts

Project Summary

A month-long field campaign was conducted on the Swedish peak Åreskutan in July, 2003 to study the interactions between aerosol particles and clouds. Researchers from the University of Stockholm (Sweden), Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry (Mainz, Germany), University of Washington (Seattle, WA), Princeton University (Princeton, NJ) and NOAA (Boulder, CO) measured the chemical composition, size distribution, and radiative properties of aerosol particles within cloud droplets, in the interstitial air between cloud droplets, and in cloud-free air at a field laboratory near the top of the mountain. The primary questions that were addressed during the project are:

  • how does the chemical composition of the particle influence which ones are scavenged by clouds?
  • how are the radiative properties of aerosol particles changed by clouds?
  • what are the sources for individual particles on which cloud droplets form?
  • how do anthropogenically produced particles influence cloud properties?


17 Nov. 2003  Trajectory plots
17 Nov. 2003  Project data repository
17 Feb. 2004  CVI pictures
17 Feb. 2004  Webcam picture analysis

Links to photos and webcams

  • Rack photographs
  • Front of rack
  • Rear of rack
  • Site photographs
  • CVI pictures
  • Webcam at site (used for monitoring cloud thickness)
  • Webcam in valley below site
  • SkiStar webcam looking north to Åreskutan
  • (Image from webcam operated by SkiStar.) The view spans an elevation range from 400 m (lake) to 1440 m (peak of Åreskutan). The sampling station is ca. 100 m west of the upper terminus of the aerial tramway, indicated by the arrow.
    Click on image for larger picture.

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