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LLLJP Products: Vertical-slice, Conical, and Staring

Available products to monitor flow from vertical-slice and conical scans:

Time-height cross sections of (top) a horizontal wind (UH) and (bottom) turbulence (σU2) computed from vertical-slice scans. The vertical axis shows the height AGL. Dotted lines indicate the height of the wind turbine rotor (45-115 m).

vertcal-slice scan product

Mean wind speed (colors) and direction (arrows) computed from conical scans.

conical scan product

Available products to monitor flow from fixed-beam measurements:

Time-series of radial velocity, obtained from measurements at 10° of azimuth and elevation angles. Dotted lines indicate the height of wind turbine rotors (45-115 m) and dashed line indicate the rotor height in the near future.

monitoring flow product

Fixed-beam (staring) data were used:

  1. to estimate the precision of lidar measurements of a line-of-sight (LOS) velocity;
  2. for direct comparison of wind and turbulence measured by lidar and sonic anemometers.