TOPDOWN 2014 News & Links

Oil and Gas Info

North Dakota Industrial Commission, Department of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas Division

U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) Mapping System

Four Corners

Studies in the San Juan Basin

Four Corners Area Current Studies

Four Corners Air Quality Group Update on Recent Agency Activities

Satellite products from NOAA/NGDC showing flares

KML files and images of flares for ND

Weather and Meteorology

NOAA ESRL CSD Meteorological Products - GOES and radar images

NWS Graphical Forecasts - Northern Plains (winds)

NOAA Aviation Weather - METARs
Fill in DDDD with 4 letter station abbreviation. Use to get METARs for any station (i.e. KISN).

ICARTT Data Format info

Information about ICARTT files

HYSPLIT Trajectory Model Instructions

  1. GO TO:
  2. Click on "Compute forecast trajectories"
  3. Number of trajectory starting locations: 1
  4. Type of trajectory: Matrix
  5. NEXT>>
  6. Meteorology: NAM CONUS
  7. Lower left: 47.5N, 104W
  8. Upper right: 48.5N, 102W
  9. First grid point NE of lower left point: 47.75N, 103.5W
  10. NEXT>>
  11. Select Meteorological Forecast Cycle: (select most recent)
  12. NEXT>>
  13. Trajectory direction: Select backward
  14. Start time (UTC): Select day 21 hours (4 pm)
  15. Total run time (hours): 5 hours
  16. Level 1 height: 1000 magl
  17. GIS output of contours? Google Earth (kmz)
  18. Zoom Factor: 200