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SONNE 2012 Instruments

Instrument Species Measured ICARTT file prefix PI
CH4CO2 CH4, CO2 CH4CO2 Jeff Peischl
CO CO CO John Holloway
CRDS (Arnold) NO, NO2, O3, NO3, N2O5 ARNOLD Pete Edwards / Bill Dube / Steve Brown
Tower T, P, RH, Wind Spd, Wind Dir, O3, CH4, CO, CO2, VOCs   Eric Williams / Dan Wolfe
O3 measured via UV absorbance (Thermo Environmental) O3 O3uv Eric Williams
O3 measured via LIDAR O3   Raul Alverez
VOCs 43 VOC species measured from the trailer positioned to the south of the main tower. VOCsGCMS Jessica Gilman