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BioCORN 2011

What Biofuel Crops emission of Ozone pRecursors iNtensive (BioCORN)

When Intensive I: 14 - 28 July, Intensive II: 15 - 31 August 2011

Where Ft. Collins, CO

How Various ground-based instruments.

Who Investigators in this project include researchers from NOAA ESRL Chemical Sciences Division and the University of Colorado.

corn field

This project is designed to study the emissions of biofuel crops. Specifically, it will examine these science questions:

  • What are the dominant VOCs from biofuel crops: corn, poplars, switchgrass, and Miscanthus?
  • What are the likely oxidation products?
  • What is the total aerosol and ozone forming potential?
  • What biofuel plant species and/or cultivars have the lowest VOC/SVOC emissions?

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