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R/V Ronald H. Brown Instrumentation

Parameter Method Laboratory Investigator
Ship Position, Meteorological Conditions, Miscellaneous Ship Parameters various NOAA MOC
Ozone (O3) UV Absorbance NOAA AL E. Williams
Ozone (O3) UV Absorbance NOAA PMEL J. Johnson
Ozone (O3) NO Chemiluminescence NOAA AL E. Williams
Ozone, NO2, CH2O, halogens DOAS UH U. Platt
Ozone vertical distributions Ozonesondes NASA A. Thompson
Carbon Monoxide (CO) UV fluorescence NOAA AL B. Lerner
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Non-dispersive IR NOAA AL B. Lerner
Water Vapor (H2O) Non-dispersive IR NOAA AL B. Lerner
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Pulsed fluorescence NOAA AL B. Lerner
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Pulsed fluorescence NOAA PMEL T. Bates
Nitrogen Oxide (NO) Chemiluminescence NOAA AL B. Lerner
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Photolysis cell/Chemiluminescence NOAA AL B. Lerner
Total Nitrogen Oxides (NOy) Au tube reduction NOAA AL E. Williams
NO2, NO3, N2O5 Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy (CaRDS) NOAA AL S. Brown, H. Osthoff
HNO3/NH3 Automated mist chamber/IC UNH J. Dibb
Radon Radon gas decay NOAA PMEL J. Johnson
Continuous VOC Speciation PTRMS NOAA AL C. Warneke, J. deGouw
VOC Speciation (including Alkyl Nitrates) GC/MS NOAA AL B. Kuster, P. Goldan
Seawater and atmospheric pCO2 Non-dispersive IR NOAA PMEL/AOML R. Feely / R. Wanninkhof
Seawater DMS S chemiluminesence NOAA PMEL T. Bates, J. Johnson
Aerosol ionic Composition PILS-IC NOAA PMEL P. Quinn
Aerosol WSOC PILS-TOC NOAA PMEL P. Quinn, T. Bates
Organic Aerosol ionic Speciation PILS-LCMS NOAA PMEL P. Quinn
Aerosol size and composition Aerosol mass spectrometer NOAA PMEL/Aerodyne T. Bates/D. Worsnop
Aerosol OC/EC On-line thermal/optical NOAA PMEL T. Bates
Aerosol organic functional groups FTIR SIO P. Russell
Aerosol composition,2 stage (sub/super micron) & 7 stage at 60% RH Impactors (IC, XRF and thermal optical OC/EC, total gravimetric weight) NOAA PMEL P. Quinn, T. Bates
Total and sub-micron aerosol scattering & backscattering (450, 550 and 700 nm) at 60% RH TSI 3563 nephelometers (2) NOAA PMEL P. Quinn
Total and sub-micron aerosol absorption (450, 550, 700 nm) dry Radiance Research PSAPs (2) NOAA PMEL P. Quinn
Sub-micron aerosol extinction extinction cell UW D. Covert
Total and Sub-micron aerosol extinction Cavity ring-down spect. NOAA AL A.R. Ravishankara, T. Baynard
Aerosol number CNC (TSI 3010, 3025) UW/NOAA PMEL D. Covert/T. Bates
Aerosol size distribution DMA, OPC and APS UW/NOAA PMEL D. Covert/T. Bates
Total and sub-micron aerosol light scattering hygroscopic growth Twin TSI 3563 nephelometers. UIUC M. Rood
Irradiance PRP BNL R. M. Reynolds
Aerosol Optical Depth Microtops NOAA PMEL P. Quinn
Ozone, Aerosol Backscatter O3 Lidar (OPAL) NOAA ETL C. Senff
BL wind/aerosol Doppler Lidar (HRDL) NOAA ETL A. Brewer
Wind/temp profiles 915 MHz wind profiler NOAA ETL A. White
Temp/RH profiles Sondes NOAA ETL A. White
LWP Ceilometer NOAA ETL C. Fairall
Cloud height Microwave radiometer NOAA ETL C. Fairall
Cloud drop size, updraft velocity 3mm doppler radar U. Miami B. Albrecht
Turbulent fluxes Bow-mounted EC flux package NOAA ETL C. Fairall
Low altitude temperature profiles 60 GHz scanning microwave radiometerr NOAA ETL C. Fairall
High resolution turbulence Mini-sodar NOAA ETL C. Fairall
Wind profiles/microturbulence C-Band radar NOAA ETL C. Fairall