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WP-3D Daily Summaries

7/9/04 WP-3D Flight Summary (Preliminary Observations)

Takeoff: 11:35 AM; Duration: 7.5 hrs

Shortly after takeoff, the aircraft encountered the fresh Boston plume, close to Cape Ann with CO mixing ratios of 200-300 ppbv. The plume was not well mixed and was confined to low altitudes, below 200 m.

Generally moderate pollution was observed over the Gulf of Maine (GoM), while clean air observed at low altitudes at the southern margin of the flight (south of 42 ° N). Fog and clouds covered the eastern Gulf of Maine.

North of about 51° 30′ N a biomass burning plume (traced back to the Canadian and Alaskan forest fires was encountered in a layer at about 4 km. The peak CO mixing ratio in the layer was approximately 700 ppbv. The increase in CO mixing ratios were correlated with concurrent increases in acetonitrile, a typically marker for biomass burning, as well as, acetic acid and formic acid. In the layer, NOy mixing ratios were several ppbv and were mostly in the form of PAN. In addition, particle concentrations were strongly enhanced. Preliminary chemical analysis of the aerosols collected in the plume indicated that they contained water-soluble total organic carbon, as well as, potassium and nitrate ions.

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