Tropospheric Chemistry: Instruments

NOy/O3 instrument in lab

NOy/O3 instrument set up for tests in the laboratory.

Nitrogen Oxides and Ozone (NOy/O3)

Principle of the Measurement

  • NO – ozone-induced chemiluminescence
  • NO2 – UV photolysis to NO; ozone-induced chemiluminescence
  • NOy – catalytic conversion to NO; ozone-induced chemiluminescence
  • O3 – nitric oxide-induced chemiluminescence

Species Measured

Nitrogen oxides (NO, NO2, and NOy), O3

Time Response

1 Hz


custom built

Field Projects

  • SOS 1995
  • STERAO 1996
  • NARE 1996
  • SOS 1999
  • TexAQS 2000
  • ITCT 2002
  • ICARTT 2004
  • TexAQS 2006
  • ARCPAC 2008
  • CalNex 2010
  • SENEX 2013


Jeff Peischl, Tom Ryerson

Key Publications

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