Tropospheric Chemistry: Instruments

MABEL NOx instrument

MABEL NOx instrument.

MABEL (Mobile Atmosphere-Biosphere Environmental Laboratory) NOx (Nitric Oxides)

Principle of the Measurement

Photolysis followed by ozone-induced chemiluminescence

Species Measured

NOx (= NO + NO2)

Time Response

1 second

Detection Limit

6 pptv NO, 15 pptv NO2


custom built

Field Projects

  • NEAQS-ITCT 2004
  • TexAQS 2006
  • ICEALOT 2008
  • NORAA 2008 (current configuration)
  • CalNex 2010


Brian Lerner

Key Publications

Lerner, B.M., P.C. Murphy, E. J. Williams, Field Measurements of Small Marine Craft Gaseous Emission Factors during NEAQS 2004 and TexAQS 2006, Environ. Sci. Technol., 43(21), 8213-8219, doi:10.1021/es901191p, 2009.