September 2, 2013

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Daily Summary:

September 2. Monday.
TOPAZ data were collected from about 0915 to 1720 CDT with a 2-hour break in the late morning. Partly cloudy. In the late afternoon, a thunderstorm developed several km to the south of LaPorte airport and moved to the NW towards downtown Houston. Westerly flow thru early afternoon, switching to a southeasterly direction with the onset of the seabreeze. Low and fairly well mixed O3 (20 to 45 ppbv) with the exception of two O3 layers aloft containing moderate O3 levels (55-75 ppbv) that were observed in the afternoon.

Note: Potential biases due to clouds have not yet been fully corrected.

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Ozone Cross-section
Ozone Cross-section - September 2
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