August 29, 2013

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Daily Summary:

August 29. Thursday.
TOPAZ instrument setup in the AM. Start of measurements shortly after 1400 CDT. Elevated O3 around 80 ppbv. Wind shift from NW to NE around 1500 CDT transported lower-O3 air to the site. Wind shift to a southeasterly direction at 1700 CDT coincided with a sharp increase in O3 to about 100 ppbv, perhaps caused by recirculation of ozone that had been transported to the south and east of Houston earlier in the day. The strengthening southerly sea breeze eventually brought in cleaner air in the lowest 400 m AGL. Above that a polluted (80-90 ppbv O3) residual layer extended to about 1300 m AGL.

Note: These preliminary data exhibit a low bias around midday due to the solar background. Potential biases due to clouds have not yet been fully corrected.

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Ozone Cross-section
Ozone Cross-section - August 29
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Aerosol Backscatter
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