Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion: 2014

2014 Assessment cover

The most recent WMO/UNEP assessment, Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion: 2014, contains the most up-to-date understanding of ozone depletion. It reflects the thinking of hundreds of international scientific experts who contribute to its preparation and review. Cochairs of this Assessment are Dr. A.R. Ravishankara of Colorado State University and the NOAA ESRL Chemical Sciences Division, USA, Dr. Paul A. Newman of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA, Dr. John A. Pyle of the University of Cambridge, UK, and Dr. Ayité-Lô Nohende Ajavon of the North-South Environment, Togo. Other members of the ESRL Chemical Sciences Division are making substantial contributions to the report, serving as coauthors, contributors, reviewers, coordinating editor, and editorial and computing support staff.

This Assessment consists of five detailed scientific chapters, an Assessment for Decision-Makers PDF file, and the "Twenty Questions and Answers About the Ozone Layer: 2014 Update."