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ESRL Staff

Office of the Director

Last Name First Name Email Affiliation Phone
Allison William William.Allison@noaa.gov Federal 303.497.5408
Blake CAPT Wade Wade.Blake@noaa.gov Federal 303.497.6088
Cincquini Luca Luca.Cincquini@noaa.gov Cooperative Institute 303.497.6756
Clack Chris Christopher.Clack@noaa.gov Cooperative Institute 303.497.4296
Collander Randall Randall.S.Collander@noaa.gov Cooperative Institute 303.497.5960
Deluca Cecelia Cecelia.Deluca@noaa.gov Cooperative Institute 303.497.3604
Ennis Sybil Sybil.Ennis@noaa.gov Contractor 303.497.4134
Holub Keith Keith.G.Holub@noaa.gov Contractor 303.497.6774
Hsia Alex Alex.Hsia@noaa.gov Federal 303.497.6351
Janssen Jerry Jerry.Janssen@noaa.gov Federal 303.497.6647
Koziol Ben Ben.Koziol@noaa.gov Cooperative Institute 303.497.6756
MacDonald Alexander (Sandy) Alexander.E.MacDonald@noaa.gov Federal 303.497.6378
Marquis Melinda Melinda.Marquis@noaa.gov Federal 303.497.4487
Murphy Sylvia Sylvia.Murphy@noaa.gov Cooperative Institute 303.497.7753
Mutz Mark Mark.Mutz@noaa.gov Contractor 303.497.4591
O'Brien Tim Tim.Obrien@noaa.gov Contractor 303.497.5196
Oehmke Robert Robert.Oehmke@noaa.gov Cooperative Institute 303.497.7231
O'Kuinghttons Ryan Ryan.Okuinghttons@noaa.gov Cooperative Institute 303.497.3293
Palm Holly Holly.Palm@noaa.gov Federal 303.497.6000
Parker John John.V.Parker@noaa.gov Federal 303.497.5124
Reiser Ann Ann.Reiser@noaa.gov Federal 303.497.6634
Rosales Holly Holly.Rosales@noaa.gov Federal 303.497.6771
Schmidt Allan Allan.Schmidt@noaa.gov Federal 303.497.4157
Sears Robert Robert.Sears@noaa.gov Federal 303.497.4226
Smith Matt Matt.Smith@noaa.gov Cooperative Institute 303.497.4140
Statz Tom Tom.Statz@noaa.gov Federal 303.497.6803
Stewart Katy Katy.Stewart@noaa.gov Federal 303.497.6005
Treshansky Allyn Allyn.Treshansky@noaa.gov Cooperative Institute 303.497.7734
Tsuno Eugene Eugene.Tsuno@noaa.gov Contractor 303.497.4605
Vasquez Silverio Silverio.Vasquez@noaa.gov Cooperative Institute 303.497.6677
Venema Sarah Sarah.Venema@noaa.gov Contractor 303.497.6647
Wilsey Jason Jason.Wilsey@noaa.gov Contractor 303.497.6470

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